Meat in a bowl is not a pie…The Coat and Badge

On a pleasant Sunday afternoon The Putney Paper and its paramour ventured to The Coat and Badge, a fine pub in the heart of Putney where we have partaken of sustenance on more than one occasion, and never found it wanting.

On this most recent visit I selected the steak and kidney pie, being denied fish and chips as “there was none left” – a fair excuse, I suppose.

However, when the waitress presented the aforementioned dish, it was most disappointing to find that the chef at the pub interprets a pie as meat in a bowl with a piece of pastry placed, yes placed on the top. This is not a pie. A pie is all pastry, filled with meat.

They might as well advertise it as a “Bowl of Meat with chips and peas” (and not many peas at that, either).

I think next time we’ll go elsewhere if the fish is all gone – clearly other Putney residents are aware of the excellence of this dish compared to all the others. You live and learn…

You can't eat a metal bowl


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