The longtitude and latitudes of Putney = fantastic sunsets

One of the lovely things about Putney is just how straight it seems to lie on the compass lines of East and West. The Upper and Lower Richmond roads both appear to run almost due West (or East depending on the way you’re facing, of course) which means there are some wonderfully clear lines of sight for wonderful sunsets over of a long summer evening.

Tonight was one such night, with a beautiful sky shimmering under the heat and haze of a long sunset that glinted over the river and in to the rattling District Line tube The Putney Paper was sat on trundling home.

As the  banner header on the top of this page proves, gorgeous sunsets over the Thames are not a rarity in Putney, but every time you catch sight of one, with the sky a clear sweep of blue shades, from dark to light as East becomes West when daylight draws itself out of the day, you can’t help but feel somehow uplifted, improved but the sight of it.

Click on the picture to enlarge, resolution not the strongest as taken on my camera phone, but still pretty good, you hopefully concur.

Not all tube lines provide these sorts of views


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