Putney Arts Theatre presents an outdoor version of A Midsummer Night’s Dream for your delight and delectation

On the corner of Upper Richmond Road and Ravenna Road (a fine corner, one of Putney’s many fine corners as it happens) there sits one of our postcodes finest amenities – the excellent Putney Arts Theatre (PAT).

The venue, set inside an old church and thus surprisingly spacious inside, puts on regular performances throughout the year ranging from Shakespearean classics, to modern tales such as The Dark Materials, to new writing efforts by local residents – which I attended in January and was most enjoyable.

Now, with Midsummer fast approaching the PAT is putting on the Bard’s tale A Midsummer Night’ Dream (see what they’ve done there)  – both in the theatre and, in a first for the company, outdoors too, just down the road in the Putney Old Burial Ground.

The show will use a newly edited version of the script, not by Shakespeare, he’d dead, but by new director Tom Sainsbury (who possibly owns the two Sainsburys in Putney as well, but probably not) based on the original first folio and first quarto manuscripts, they tell me.

The indoor performance run from the 21 (Midsummer itself) to 25 of June with tickets ranging from £5 to £10 depending on the night you attend, while the outdoor performances are over two nights, on the 9 and 10 of June with tickets priced at either £7 or £10 which you can book on their website.

So if you’re up for a bit of outdoor culture you should definitely think about getting along to the show, it’ll no doubt be an excellent performance and be a darn sight better and more enjoyable than sitting inside watching Britain’s Got Talent, The Putney Paper would wager (which a nice rhyme, isn’t it?).

Of course, whether the weather plays ball is another matter entirely.

Putney Arts Theatre poster for A Midsummer Night's Dream


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