Pippa Middleton spotted in Putney

Celebrities are wonderful, they enrich our lives and give us something shiny and colourful to look at in an otherwise drab and grey existence. Well, not really, but the news that Pippa Middleton (Pip Mids to friends) was in Putney on Wednesday is nothing if not notably.

The bridesmaid of the future Queen of England, Kate Middleton in case you’ve been living under a rock recently, Pippa has become something of the celebrity de jour as she’s more acceptable tabloid fodder by being a) not a royal and b) having ‘that’ rear, so wonderfully shaped by her dress on the big day.

She was, apparently, visiting the Putney Medical Centre, down the Upper Richmond Road, and looking divine as a slew of paparazzi fell over themselves to grab that winning shot. There are some pics you can peruse here.

One blog writing about her visit had the cheek to write “If you don’t know London, Putney is the edge of nowhere and a papparazzo has probably never set foot there in all their years of stalking”, which is clearly mental and if the paps aren’t that au fait with Putney, well, thank God for that.

We want the celebrities that frequent our salubrious suburb of London to rest assured we don’t tolerate that sort of behaviour here, although for Pips Mids the paps are clearly going to make an exception and go the extra mile (from Chelsea).


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