Byron – mad, bad and dangerous to know, and tasty too

Putney doesn’t suffer from a lack of good eating establishments – there are curry houses, pubs (several) and the generica locations of Pizza Express, Nandos, Wagamama and burger branch GBK.

Well, now it has another burger eatery  in the form of Byron Hamburger which opened last night and had, by all accounts, an excellent introduction to the Putney high street.

It’s something of a shame for the independent places in any location when more homogenous venues move in as people are invariably drawn to these brands because they know them and what they will get.

But then again, that’s a big pull, as paying £10 plus at some random, weird looking location where you have no idea of the overall quality or style of the venue is a risk that many don’t want to bother taking when they know a solid meal awaits at the many brand republic locations on most high-streets.

The Putney Paper will be heading along at some point in the next few weeks and will be giving a considered review on these electronic pages for your palette’s pleasure.

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One response to “Byron – mad, bad and dangerous to know, and tasty too

  1. Hi,

    Could you put our website on your blog? We are new in Putney Wharf but everyone that eats here wants to come back!

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