Made in Chelsea (courtesy of Putney)

The brainless socialities of Made In Chelsea get about a bit. This week’s mad cap episode saw them jetting off to the delight of Tin Cannes and, closer to home, enjoying the wonderful surrounds of Wandsworth Park for a naked photo shoot. Well, quite.

Of course, this in Putney, not Chelsea, so the title of the show is wrong on that count (one nil to The Putney Paper), and there’s been a few other times when the show has proved less than accurate to reality (shock!) such as when the perennially confused Spencer left the doe-eyed Funda broken-hearted, The PP is sure he ventured out on to the Upper Richmond Road, perhaps popping for a quick Ma Goa to feed his sorrows. Anyway, the shots in the park looked great, with a stiff – steady – Thames wind blowing in and the sun lying long over the grass.

We assumed they filmed the piece early in the morning to avoid over-exposure to poor Putneyites, but actually it seemed as if it was a fairly normal time of day with plenty of runners and walkers about – where you one of them, did you see a posh, long-haired doofus straddling a tree with two slightly horse girls looking on?

If so…let us know!


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