Byron Hamburger – a welcome to Putney review

This week, with a rare glimpse of sun shining through the cloud on the longest day of the year, The Putney Paper headed to the newly opened Bryon Hamburger on Putney highstreet to partake of a sumptuous burger and see if it’s somewhere worth your time.

It’s certainly nice inside, with a narrow entrance widening to reveal a mish-mash of 1950s diner style seating with wood floors and a cavenous back section where chefs prepare the burgers, chips and milkshakes on offer, among other items. They also have a unique selection of beers, rather than the standard fare, which is a nice touch.

Both The PP and friend went for a burger which was well-cooked and served in that time frame of long enough to know it’s been cooked but not so long you worry they’ve got bored and forgotten about it. Chips were acceptable and we had plenty of condiments to keep us going with taste variations. Staff were pleasant, doing the usual staff based things they should, and the toilets were more than acceptable.

It was at least as good as GBK, a mere 50 metres away, so choosing between the two really is like arguing if you like reaching 6 by 3+3 or 2+4 but Byron certainly has both the more interesting layout and more seats, so you have more chance getting on on a busy Friday or Saturday.

Overall, another welcome addition to the high-streets, but nothing to set the world on fire, it is only a burger joint after all.


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