Top Putney celebrity spots

Mr Wallace and Co himself!

Mr Wallace and Co himself!

So, there we were, minding our own business as we sloped to the tube to begin the morning slog into work when who should appear in front of us but none other than Mr Wallace and Co. himself, Greg Wallace. Yes, incredible right?!

He was looking very dapper in a nice flat cap and jacket and it was probably the best celebrity spot we’ve ever had in Putney. In fact the only other we’ve ever seen was that Liz bird off The Apprentice a few years ago. Hardly life-changing.

Rumour has it Jack Whitehall has been seen around Putney way and we once reported that Pippa Middleton, Pip Mids to friends, has been around these parts too, although we’ve seen neither.

So we want to know – what’s your best celebrity spot in Putney (or the near vicinity).



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4 responses to “Top Putney celebrity spots

  1. J Porets

    Simon&Yasmin Le Bon at Moomba

  2. David Luiz (a footballer) lives in those swanky flats down by the river!

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