New Citizen Smith coming soon with name change to Lost and Co.

Lost and Co. image from website

Lost and Co. image from website

Here’s  some actual news from The Putney Paper:

As many of you will have noticed Citizen Smith has been closed for a while now as it goes through a refurb and rebrand. Infact, the name is changing to Lost and Co and it’s reopening on the 19th – a week Tuesday – as you can see from the new website / old Citizen Smith website.

No doubt the reopening will come as a relief to those of us that enjoy a night out with free entry, free cloakroom, good drinks,  mostly good music and a nice clientele – so here’s hoping all these things remain as they all made Citizen Smith the polar opposite of the Fez and all the better for it.

Don’t get us wrong, we don’t hate the Fez, in fact because it draws in so many people it’s great at keeping the likes of Citizen Smith quieter and filled with the kind of people that know what the Fez is all about and avoid it like the plague.

When it reopens we hope to be there sharpish to see what’s changed – and hopefully breathe easy that it’s as good as it ever was – and get back to enjoying a good night out without having to worry about night buses or queuing for hours or any other such nonsense. The next big question – will the cool wall displays that mix retro-space-sailor imagery still be there?


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