In praise of…the number 14 bus

Behold! The Great Number 14 Bus

Behold! The Great Number 14 Bus

Putney high-street is a bit of a mess. As recent meetings that have taken place have shown, there is a need for a change, especially because the traffic problems could be KILLING US! Well, we exaggerate but it’s a problem.

One of the main problems must be all the buses that lurch their way down the high-street. The 93, the 85, the 430, all great double-decker beasts of red that stop-and-start down the street, causing endless hold ups for the rest of the traffic trying to make its way down the road.

However, one bus we cannot fault despite its part in these problems,  is the 14. The sight of a solid 1 and a funky 4 appearing in the distance, or pixelated on a dot-matrix display at a bus stop always lifts our spirits. The 14 rises at the Green Man pub, like a river’s source, and then flows all the way to Warren Street in the heart of London. On its way it’ll take you through Fulham, via Kensington, and then on up to Piccadilly Circus and Shaftsbury Avenue. It is an epic route.

Men have told tales of great sights and sounds they have seen on this route – we once saw a man with a parrot on his shoulder in Fulham! Of course the folk back home didn’t believe us, but we don’t care, it was a real, live parrot, on a man’s shoulder. Sadly he didn’t look like a pirate.

We digress. The 14 runs all day and all night too, so you can always get home. Get yourself to Piccadilly Circus from anywhere in the capital and wait long enough – you may to wait a long time, but patience is a virtue – and eventually that bold, stark 14 will appear like a chariot to bear you home. You can even get off opposite either the KFC or the Subway on the high-street, to end the night with a feast fit for a on-the-run-from-a-rebellious-populous king.  All thanks to the 14.

So, thank you TFL for plotting this route through the South West heartland and into the city, starting with Putney, and thank you to the drivers, who deliver us with grace and charm back to our spiritual home, south of the river.



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10 responses to “In praise of…the number 14 bus

  1. I LOVE the 14! It’s the BEST way to get home after a night in Central London. For your folks back home; Ive seen the guy with the blue parrots a few times. Sometimes he has a lady friend with him and they both have a parrot on their shoulder each.
    (though I have a love for the 430 and the 74 too so feel the need to defend them 😉 )

  2. JimC

    I have a picture of the man with those two parrots, taken (of course) from the top of the 14 bus – they are huge, so actually I thought they might not be parrots? I do love the 14, and I’d like to mention the 22 as well – a really useful route 🙂

  3. david

    I drive the 14 and others from Putney. Welcome aboard!!

  4. Thanks for the comments! Great to know we’ve reached the very people we wanted to praise, and JimC, is your photo online anywhere?! Would love to see it!

    The 22, yes that is a good bus too, very handy.

    Perhaps we could do a piece on each Putney bus, we’ve had some good times on the 85 recently…a handy bus to see friends who’ve moved further afield, but remain south west based!

  5. I’ve got a couple of him too, I used to see him every day walking along the Fulham Road outside Stamford Bridge while doing my delivery with a parrot on EACH shoulder. Two massive blue ones! He definitely does exist. 🙂

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