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The cider pubs of Putney

With the sun doing its best to appear whenever it can (we can’t expect too much now can we?) it’s high-time to get yourself to one of Putney’s many lovely pubs to soak up the rays. The drink of choice is of course cider, far less heavy and far tastier than lager on these days, but the question(s) are where, and what drink.

Top of the pile is The Duke’s Head which serves the fantastically tasty and refreshing Rekorderlig Cider, both apple and winter fruits flavours, which served over ice are delightful. Even better, the pub has no issues or qualms about you taking the drink and sitting outside, on the pavement in the sun, enjoying the Thames flowing by, which makes a change from most pubs and there lines on the floor and bouncers patrolling for any infraction of the extent of the area you can drink in.

The Green Man, a nice pub at the top of Putney Hill, also serves these same ciders which are definitely the drink du jour, while The Coat and Badge sadly only really has Magners (which used to be the cider, but now is nowhere – there’s method in the magners, ridiculous campaign) although we may have spied some Weston’s hidden away too.

So readers, help us fill in the blanks, where are the best locations for summer drinking in Putney – ciders, ales, lagers and so forth. Let us know below!

Well worth trying


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Meat in a bowl is not a pie…The Coat and Badge

On a pleasant Sunday afternoon The Putney Paper and its paramour ventured to The Coat and Badge, a fine pub in the heart of Putney where we have partaken of sustenance on more than one occasion, and never found it wanting.

On this most recent visit I selected the steak and kidney pie, being denied fish and chips as “there was none left” – a fair excuse, I suppose.

However, when the waitress presented the aforementioned dish, it was most disappointing to find that the chef at the pub interprets a pie as meat in a bowl with a piece of pastry placed, yes placed on the top. This is not a pie. A pie is all pastry, filled with meat.

They might as well advertise it as a “Bowl of Meat with chips and peas” (and not many peas at that, either).

I think next time we’ll go elsewhere if the fish is all gone – clearly other Putney residents are aware of the excellence of this dish compared to all the others. You live and learn…

You can't eat a metal bowl

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