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After an amazing 2012, what does 2013 have in store?

In many ways it’s going to be hard for Putney to have a better 2013 than it did in 2012. We didn’t just play host to one world event, but two.

Firstly there was the brilliant Diamond Jubilee celebrations that saw thousands of boats pass under Putney Bridge, with many mustering and setting off from our fair shores down at the slipway, which made the river a huge mix of colours and noise, giving some impression of what the river of old must have been like when it was  festooned with all types of working boats and river taxis.


Then, as if that wasn’t enough, we had the women’s and men’s Olympic road cycle races come careering up the high street, make a quick right at the crossroads and then pass down the Upper Richmond Road, bringing out millions of spectators and letting the world see our lovely piece of London in all its glory.


So what events can we look forward to in 2013? Well of course there’s the boat race, althoguh that will also have to go some to beat the drama of 2012 when that nutter Trenton Oldfield jumped into the river and almost got his head caved in by an oar, but even if that doesn’t happen, it’s always a top weekend.

Other than that, though, there’s nothing marked in our calendars but perhaps we’re overlooking some key events, so if you know of something big going on, or are hosting an event at any point this year, let us know and we’ll add it to our events calendar for the year ahead!


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Pippa Middleton spotted in Putney

Celebrities are wonderful, they enrich our lives and give us something shiny and colourful to look at in an otherwise drab and grey existence. Well, not really, but the news that Pippa Middleton (Pip Mids to friends) was in Putney on Wednesday is nothing if not notably.

The bridesmaid of the future Queen of England, Kate Middleton in case you’ve been living under a rock recently, Pippa has become something of the celebrity de jour as she’s more acceptable tabloid fodder by being a) not a royal and b) having ‘that’ rear, so wonderfully shaped by her dress on the big day.

She was, apparently, visiting the Putney Medical Centre, down the Upper Richmond Road, and looking divine as a slew of paparazzi fell over themselves to grab that winning shot. There are some pics you can peruse here.

One blog writing about her visit had the cheek to write “If you don’t know London, Putney is the edge of nowhere and a papparazzo has probably never set foot there in all their years of stalking”, which is clearly mental and if the paps aren’t that au fait with Putney, well, thank God for that.

We want the celebrities that frequent our salubrious suburb of London to rest assured we don’t tolerate that sort of behaviour here, although for Pips Mids the paps are clearly going to make an exception and go the extra mile (from Chelsea).

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Putney Library’s fancy new self service machines (will destory us all)

The world is becoming a lot more self-sufficient. You can pay for your shopping without any human interaction at those infuriating self-service machines in Tesco or Sainsbury’s and pay for items at shops merely by waving your card around in the air until the PayWave system picks it up (the nice chaps in Select and Save have one of these) thereby removing the need for any interaction as cards are never handed over or instructions issued.

The latest place to follow this route is Putney Library. It’s a nice library, it does what you’d expect – dispensers books for free for a certain time period before which they must be returned. Now, though, when you go in and take a book out, or return it having read and enjoyed its sumptuous lexicography inside, a machine, not a man or woman, will assist you in this task.

It is quite clever. You place the book on the machine, it scans the page and knows what it is, telling you to press a button for return or hire, and dispensers a receipt should you so wish to record such a record of your life. At no point does it say “unexpected item in the bagging area” either, which is a definite plus.

So, if you’ve yet to get to the library, through fear of having to talk to someone and thereby risk being “Shhhhhh”-ed by the ever vigilant staff, fear no more = Machines Will Lead the Way to Our Salvation. Or Destruction, time will tell.

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Putney Arts Theatre presents an outdoor version of A Midsummer Night’s Dream for your delight and delectation

On the corner of Upper Richmond Road and Ravenna Road (a fine corner, one of Putney’s many fine corners as it happens) there sits one of our postcodes finest amenities – the excellent Putney Arts Theatre (PAT).

The venue, set inside an old church and thus surprisingly spacious inside, puts on regular performances throughout the year ranging from Shakespearean classics, to modern tales such as The Dark Materials, to new writing efforts by local residents – which I attended in January and was most enjoyable.

Now, with Midsummer fast approaching the PAT is putting on the Bard’s tale A Midsummer Night’ Dream (see what they’ve done there)  – both in the theatre and, in a first for the company, outdoors too, just down the road in the Putney Old Burial Ground.

The show will use a newly edited version of the script, not by Shakespeare, he’d dead, but by new director Tom Sainsbury (who possibly owns the two Sainsburys in Putney as well, but probably not) based on the original first folio and first quarto manuscripts, they tell me.

The indoor performance run from the 21 (Midsummer itself) to 25 of June with tickets ranging from £5 to £10 depending on the night you attend, while the outdoor performances are over two nights, on the 9 and 10 of June with tickets priced at either £7 or £10 which you can book on their website.

So if you’re up for a bit of outdoor culture you should definitely think about getting along to the show, it’ll no doubt be an excellent performance and be a darn sight better and more enjoyable than sitting inside watching Britain’s Got Talent, The Putney Paper would wager (which a nice rhyme, isn’t it?).

Of course, whether the weather plays ball is another matter entirely.

Putney Arts Theatre poster for A Midsummer Night's Dream

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