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In praise of…the number 14 bus

Behold! The Great Number 14 Bus

Behold! The Great Number 14 Bus

Putney high-street is a bit of a mess. As recent meetings that have taken place have shown, there is a need for a change, especially because the traffic problems could be KILLING US! Well, we exaggerate but it’s a problem.

One of the main problems must be all the buses that lurch their way down the high-street. The 93, the 85, the 430, all great double-decker beasts of red that stop-and-start down the street, causing endless hold ups for the rest of the traffic trying to make its way down the road.

However, one bus we cannot fault despite its part in these problems,  is the 14. The sight of a solid 1 and a funky 4 appearing in the distance, or pixelated on a dot-matrix display at a bus stop always lifts our spirits. The 14 rises at the Green Man pub, like a river’s source, and then flows all the way to Warren Street in the heart of London. On its way it’ll take you through Fulham, via Kensington, and then on up to Piccadilly Circus and Shaftsbury Avenue. It is an epic route.

Men have told tales of great sights and sounds they have seen on this route – we once saw a man with a parrot on his shoulder in Fulham! Of course the folk back home didn’t believe us, but we don’t care, it was a real, live parrot, on a man’s shoulder. Sadly he didn’t look like a pirate.

We digress. The 14 runs all day and all night too, so you can always get home. Get yourself to Piccadilly Circus from anywhere in the capital and wait long enough – you may to wait a long time, but patience is a virtue – and eventually that bold, stark 14 will appear like a chariot to bear you home. You can even get off opposite either the KFC or the Subway on the high-street, to end the night with a feast fit for a on-the-run-from-a-rebellious-populous king.  All thanks to the 14.

So, thank you TFL for plotting this route through the South West heartland and into the city, starting with Putney, and thank you to the drivers, who deliver us with grace and charm back to our spiritual home, south of the river.



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After an amazing 2012, what does 2013 have in store?

In many ways it’s going to be hard for Putney to have a better 2013 than it did in 2012. We didn’t just play host to one world event, but two.

Firstly there was the brilliant Diamond Jubilee celebrations that saw thousands of boats pass under Putney Bridge, with many mustering and setting off from our fair shores down at the slipway, which made the river a huge mix of colours and noise, giving some impression of what the river of old must have been like when it was  festooned with all types of working boats and river taxis.


Then, as if that wasn’t enough, we had the women’s and men’s Olympic road cycle races come careering up the high street, make a quick right at the crossroads and then pass down the Upper Richmond Road, bringing out millions of spectators and letting the world see our lovely piece of London in all its glory.


So what events can we look forward to in 2013? Well of course there’s the boat race, althoguh that will also have to go some to beat the drama of 2012 when that nutter Trenton Oldfield jumped into the river and almost got his head caved in by an oar, but even if that doesn’t happen, it’s always a top weekend.

Other than that, though, there’s nothing marked in our calendars but perhaps we’re overlooking some key events, so if you know of something big going on, or are hosting an event at any point this year, let us know and we’ll add it to our events calendar for the year ahead!

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The Putney Paper returns!

Hello! The Putney Paper is back! After a too-long hiatus due to reasons beyond its control, the blog of SW15 has, admittedly, been a rather quiet place, but now everything should be back to normal, with regular updates, insights and photos to come from all the comings and goings of this fair suburb.

What’s changed since we’ve been gone? We’ll HMV has gone, and been replaced by Poundland, which doesn’t quite seem in keeping with the more salubrious nature of Putney but it does offer some pretty good bargains – for £1 surprisingly – so we shouldn’t complain too much.

The Boat Race came and went without much incident…oh wait, no it didn’t, a chap jumped in the river, almost got his head bashed in by an oar, then one of the boats’ oars broke, and a chap collapsed after the race had ended, and a submarine surfaced right at the finish line. Well, the last thing didn’t happen, but the rest did, making it one of the most interesting and enjoyable races in recent memory.

Elsewhere a burst watermain caused some middle havoc to Putney Hill, along with some fun it has to be said as people had to leap a full metre to cross the road, while since then nature has done its best to show it’s still better at sending gallons of water cascading downhills, with about a month’s worth of rain falling in a few days. Still, once it’s all done the greenery of Putney Common, Putney Heath, Wimbledon Common and the rest should look spectacular, something to look forward too.

Also, The PP noticed we’ve received quite a few follows on Twitter, which is great, as we’re now up to 143. So if you’re reading this and following us, please say hi, and if not, you can follow our updates and various musings via @theputneypaper on Twitter.

Let us know if you have any comments, questions or ideas of what else we should cover, or if you’ve got an idea for something you’d like to write for us, drop us a line at – we’d love to hear from you.


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Byron – mad, bad and dangerous to know, and tasty too

Putney doesn’t suffer from a lack of good eating establishments – there are curry houses, pubs (several) and the generica locations of Pizza Express, Nandos, Wagamama and burger branch GBK.

Well, now it has another burger eatery  in the form of Byron Hamburger which opened last night and had, by all accounts, an excellent introduction to the Putney high street.

It’s something of a shame for the independent places in any location when more homogenous venues move in as people are invariably drawn to these brands because they know them and what they will get.

But then again, that’s a big pull, as paying £10 plus at some random, weird looking location where you have no idea of the overall quality or style of the venue is a risk that many don’t want to bother taking when they know a solid meal awaits at the many brand republic locations on most high-streets.

The Putney Paper will be heading along at some point in the next few weeks and will be giving a considered review on these electronic pages for your palette’s pleasure.

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Welcome to Putney

So, here we are, SW15.

Home of the boat race, the rahs and Fulham football club (sort of).

This is a blog of all things Putney: pubs, clubs, bars, restaurants, supermarkets, parks, the river and all the general comings and goings, events and intrigues that take place in this small slice of London.

Get us on your RSS feed, follow us on Twitter @theputneypaper and drop us any thoughts or suggestions @ theputneypaper[at]gmail[dot].com.

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