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Top Putney celebrity spots

Mr Wallace and Co himself!

Mr Wallace and Co himself!

So, there we were, minding our own business as we sloped to the tube to begin the morning slog into work when who should appear in front of us but none other than Mr Wallace and Co. himself, Greg Wallace. Yes, incredible right?!

He was looking very dapper in a nice flat cap and jacket and it was probably the best celebrity spot we’ve ever had in Putney. In fact the only other we’ve ever seen was that Liz bird off The Apprentice a few years ago. Hardly life-changing.

Rumour has it Jack Whitehall has been seen around Putney way and we once reported that Pippa Middleton, Pip Mids to friends, has been around these parts too, although we’ve seen neither.

So we want to know – what’s your best celebrity spot in Putney (or the near vicinity).



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Made in Chelsea (courtesy of Putney)

The brainless socialities of Made In Chelsea get about a bit. This week’s mad cap episode saw them jetting off to the delight of Tin Cannes and, closer to home, enjoying the wonderful surrounds of Wandsworth Park for a naked photo shoot. Well, quite.

Of course, this in Putney, not Chelsea, so the title of the show is wrong on that count (one nil to The Putney Paper), and there’s been a few other times when the show has proved less than accurate to reality (shock!) such as when the perennially confused Spencer left the doe-eyed Funda broken-hearted, The PP is sure he ventured out on to the Upper Richmond Road, perhaps popping for a quick Ma Goa to feed his sorrows. Anyway, the shots in the park looked great, with a stiff – steady – Thames wind blowing in and the sun lying long over the grass.

We assumed they filmed the piece early in the morning to avoid over-exposure to poor Putneyites, but actually it seemed as if it was a fairly normal time of day with plenty of runners and walkers about – where you one of them, did you see a posh, long-haired doofus straddling a tree with two slightly horse girls looking on?

If so…let us know!

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Where a captain sowed his wild Oates

History remembers Captain Oates as a man who valiantly gave up his own life so others had a chance to live, he walked into the endless white of Antarctica with a “I am just going outside and may be some time” and was never seen again. His leader, Captain Scott wrote: “We knew that poor Oates was walking to his death, but though we tried to dissuade him, we knew it was the act of a brave man and an English gentleman”.

This “English gentleman”  is a Putney lad, born and raised not far down the Upper Richmond Road from 1880, with one of the many blue plaques of London placed there to commemorate this small but notably piece of history situated with our borough – you can see a close up and a wonderfully evocative full-sized portrait shot of the man too below.

So, the next time you find yourself sat on the 430, or wandering back from Putney Leisure Centre make sure you glance up at the small and simple remembrance of a local man who paid the ultimate sacrifice for his courage to try and conquer the world.

The blue plaque commemorating Captain Lawrence Oates

Large close up of Captain Oates

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Pippa Middleton spotted in Putney

Celebrities are wonderful, they enrich our lives and give us something shiny and colourful to look at in an otherwise drab and grey existence. Well, not really, but the news that Pippa Middleton (Pip Mids to friends) was in Putney on Wednesday is nothing if not notably.

The bridesmaid of the future Queen of England, Kate Middleton in case you’ve been living under a rock recently, Pippa has become something of the celebrity de jour as she’s more acceptable tabloid fodder by being a) not a royal and b) having ‘that’ rear, so wonderfully shaped by her dress on the big day.

She was, apparently, visiting the Putney Medical Centre, down the Upper Richmond Road, and looking divine as a slew of paparazzi fell over themselves to grab that winning shot. There are some pics you can peruse here.

One blog writing about her visit had the cheek to write “If you don’t know London, Putney is the edge of nowhere and a papparazzo has probably never set foot there in all their years of stalking”, which is clearly mental and if the paps aren’t that au fait with Putney, well, thank God for that.

We want the celebrities that frequent our salubrious suburb of London to rest assured we don’t tolerate that sort of behaviour here, although for Pips Mids the paps are clearly going to make an exception and go the extra mile (from Chelsea).

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Not a pleasant start to the day

Those of you that commute from the wonderous Putney Train Station( as The Putney Paper does) will know that the billboards along the platforms are generally aimed at the city banker types telling them Artemis can offer great long-range investment portfolio rates, or that Conquistador Finances is the place to help them manage high net worth individuals’ property portfolios.

But, occasionally, there are some other adverts that appear that are obviously aimed at the proles, the masses, the ABC1 types (like The Putney Paper). Before Christmas they had one with the five giant mugs of Sky Sports’ Ashes commentary team staring across the tracks – an unappealing sight so early in the morning.

Now, they’ve gone and stuck a giant visage of one David Walliams up for all to be forced to stare at as we wait for the various one or two minute late South West Trains to turn up. It’s not exactly what you’d choose to place there is it? No doubt it’ll be gone in a few weeks though when the show disappears from the schedule after three weeks of low viewer figures and scathing reviews. A “weekly newsy quizzy gossipy show” hardly sounds that original or interesting, does it?


Not the best sight so early in the morning...

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