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Not a pleasant start to the day

Those of you that commute from the wonderous Putney Train Station( as The Putney Paper does) will know that the billboards along the platforms are generally aimed at the city banker types telling them Artemis can offer great long-range investment portfolio rates, or that Conquistador Finances is the place to help them manage high net worth individuals’ property portfolios.

But, occasionally, there are some other adverts that appear that are obviously aimed at the proles, the masses, the ABC1 types (like The Putney Paper). Before Christmas they had one with the five giant mugs of Sky Sports’ Ashes commentary team staring across the tracks – an unappealing sight so early in the morning.

Now, they’ve gone and stuck a giant visage of one David Walliams up for all to be forced to stare at as we wait for the various one or two minute late South West Trains to turn up. It’s not exactly what you’d choose to place there is it? No doubt it’ll be gone in a few weeks though when the show disappears from the schedule after three weeks of low viewer figures and scathing reviews. A “weekly newsy quizzy gossipy show” hardly sounds that original or interesting, does it?


Not the best sight so early in the morning...


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