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Putney air pollution hits 2013 limits – in January

The high street on a busy Saturday

The high street on a busy Saturday

Mostly this blog delights in celebrating the wonderful world of Putney and reviewing its fine establishments, but we couldn’t ignore the news that the area has already reached its air pollution limits just as January reaches double figures. Obviously this is not good news and according to The Evening Standard shopkeepers are being advised to keep doors closed to protect staff. That’s fine in the winter but what about the summer?

It’s certainly noticeable how busy the high-street can be, either at weekends or during the rush hour(s) in the morning or evening. A taxi once took about 20 minutes to get us down the high-street at 7am on the way to Heathrow.

According to The Standard residents such as Fernando Torres (never seen him) and Yasmin Le Bon (never seen her) have “summoned” local council chiefs to a meeting. We don’t think they have personally, but perhaps they will be there demanding 10-point plans be put in place to keep air pollution levels down.

The trouble is, what are we going to do about it? You can’t very well shut down the roads or ban buses. Road widening efforts may help, but surely it’s just about the amount of vehicles that cross the river; perhaps we need another bridge somewhere, although that seems even more unlikely.

It’s a shame Putney’s popularity in this instance is causing its own problems, but at least the issue is on the radar and being discussed…What do you think? Is it a problem, do you notice poor air quality when shopping, is there any solution? Answers below if so!


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The perils of South West Trains

Like many Putney people (and anyone else from the south-west of London, and England) The Putney Paper was caught up in the frustration of trying to get home on Monday night when the entire South West Trains network was up the creek.

Staff at Waterloo were less than helpful, seeming to wilfully lett trains leave without informing anyone they were soon to be departing or where they were going, leaving many commuters rushing hither and thither from platform to platform to see trains leave clearly half empty beyond the first few carriages where the majority of lazy people leap (go down the platform people, there’s more room).

This no doubt left many SW15ers stuck with long journeys home on the District Line which felt all the more busy due to the amount of people forced to do a journey they normally rely on the train for – thus adding huge numbers to the always stretched District Line.

Eventually, an hour and a bit after having reached Waterloo expecting a quiet 15 minute trundle home, The Putney Paper returned to its natural place of rest and relaxation and was pleased to find everything was very much as it should be.

It’s always something of a reminder when transport goes down those trains are pretty much the best route to London we’ve got, as you ain’t walking back that’s for sure, and the tube, buses and taxis are by turns packed, slow and packed and expensive and empty. For those beyond Putney you could be faced with a night in London beyond your choice.

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Meat in a bowl is not a pie…The Coat and Badge

On a pleasant Sunday afternoon The Putney Paper and its paramour ventured to The Coat and Badge, a fine pub in the heart of Putney where we have partaken of sustenance on more than one occasion, and never found it wanting.

On this most recent visit I selected the steak and kidney pie, being denied fish and chips as “there was none left” – a fair excuse, I suppose.

However, when the waitress presented the aforementioned dish, it was most disappointing to find that the chef at the pub interprets a pie as meat in a bowl with a piece of pastry placed, yes placed on the top. This is not a pie. A pie is all pastry, filled with meat.

They might as well advertise it as a “Bowl of Meat with chips and peas” (and not many peas at that, either).

I think next time we’ll go elsewhere if the fish is all gone – clearly other Putney residents are aware of the excellence of this dish compared to all the others. You live and learn…

You can't eat a metal bowl

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