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What? A chicken?!

Putney is a lovely rag-tag place of a community.

What a Chicken in Putney

What a Chicken in Putney

While on the surface it appears very much part of the South West London set, sat on the river full of expensive modern flats, beautiful old houses tucked away down side streets and a general hint of ‘rah’, there’s also a nice buzz of normality, of not taking itself too seriously.

This is in part due to the fact it has a good old-fashioned high-street buzz thanks to the numerous shops on the, well, high-street, and the Exchange, and plenty of good proper pubs and quirky local shops unique to the area.

However, even The Putney Paper, ever one for inclusiveness, was slightly perturbed by the appearance of a shop called What A Chicken on Putney Hill over the summer. While fast food outlets are no bad thing, the name of this new eatery alone is enough to turn heads, and opens itself up to various interpretations:

  1. What? A chicken?!
  2. What a chicken!
  3. What a chicken?

And so forth…Not only that but it has hideously gaudy colours and advertisers things like burgers for a pound. That can’t be good surely? Its opening, following on the heels of Poundland (more useful as it sells things you may actually want), just doesn’t seem in keeping with the area – can’t we have a nice local bakery opening in its place? Or nearby at least?

Yet, one alcoholic night we found ourselves in need of some sustenance and, lo, the welcoming signs of What a Chicken called us like a siren’s song. We were dashed on their chicken-burger and cold chips rocks. However, we must confess, it wasn’t that bad. Not sure we’d go back, and Subway probably remains the late-night takeaway of choice, but if you are in the mood for chicken, well, we ain’t gonna stop ya.


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Burst water main on Putney Hill

As you can see, it appears a water main has burst. Something kind of fun about it all actually.

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Hair-raising 526 haircuts in 24 hours by Putney hairdresser

Very much a lighter-side-of-life story concerning Putney today, about a chap who cut 526 heads of hair in 24 hours, to possibly set a world-record.

The man was Nabi Salehi, 29, from Putney who works for A&N Style and, while he may be a touch obessessed with hair cuts, he was mainly doing it for charidee, raising £2,344 for the Royal Hospital For Neuro-disability, which is great.

He now has to wait to ratify it was the Guiness World Record Holder people.

Cheers to the Beeb for highlighting this story.

Other barbers and hairdresses are of course available in Putney – got a favourite? Let us know below!


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