New Citizen Smith coming soon with name change to Lost and Co.

Lost and Co. image from website

Lost and Co. image from website

Here’s  some actual news from The Putney Paper:

As many of you will have noticed Citizen Smith has been closed for a while now as it goes through a refurb and rebrand. Infact, the name is changing to Lost and Co and it’s reopening on the 19th – a week Tuesday – as you can see from the new website / old Citizen Smith website.

No doubt the reopening will come as a relief to those of us that enjoy a night out with free entry, free cloakroom, good drinks,  mostly good music and a nice clientele – so here’s hoping all these things remain as they all made Citizen Smith the polar opposite of the Fez and all the better for it.

Don’t get us wrong, we don’t hate the Fez, in fact because it draws in so many people it’s great at keeping the likes of Citizen Smith quieter and filled with the kind of people that know what the Fez is all about and avoid it like the plague.

When it reopens we hope to be there sharpish to see what’s changed – and hopefully breathe easy that it’s as good as it ever was – and get back to enjoying a good night out without having to worry about night buses or queuing for hours or any other such nonsense. The next big question – will the cool wall displays that mix retro-space-sailor imagery still be there?


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In praise of…The Jolly Gardeners

There’s so much lovely stuff in and around Putney we’ve decided to start an “In praise of” section to celebrate what makes the area so great. The first lucky location, place, or thing to achieve this honour is one of our favourite pubs, The Jolly Gardeners.

The Jolly Gardeners on Lacy Road

The Jolly Gardeners on Lacy Road.

Situated down Lacy Road past The Coat and Badge, its location is not the most inspiring, as it sits among residential houses on a quiet side street away from the hustle and bustle of the high-street.

However, this actually works to its advantage as not only does it mean many are perhaps unaware of a second pub past the Coat and Badge, so it never seems to get intolerably busy, but there’s a nice sense of escaping the high-street and relaxing in a quieter pub, including its small but cosy beer garden situated at the front of the pub.

Inside is equally nice, with the standard wooden-pub interior but some nice big, Victorian-gentlemen chairs – think Holmes and Waston – and a fire, perfect for a post-shopping or pre-match pint.

The food is also good, better than The Coat and Badge in our opinion, and priced at the usual £8-13 depending on your choice. We can definitely recommend the burger, particularly with the various mustards on offer from the pub, a nice touch you don’t always get. The bar staff are also friendly and up for a chat which is always welcome too. It can get quite busy when Fulham are playing, but that’s to be expected, and if you avoid that crush it’s usually easy enough to grab a seat.

While winter is still hanging around waiting for Spring to arrive, it’s certainly worth popping in, although sadly, and a bizarrely, they’ve stopped serving their lovely spiced cider too. Shame, as we could ‘appily sit in there and drink it all day. Apply – happily, geddit, geddit…ah forget it.

You can follow them on Twitter here.

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Top Putney celebrity spots

Mr Wallace and Co himself!

Mr Wallace and Co himself!

So, there we were, minding our own business as we sloped to the tube to begin the morning slog into work when who should appear in front of us but none other than Mr Wallace and Co. himself, Greg Wallace. Yes, incredible right?!

He was looking very dapper in a nice flat cap and jacket and it was probably the best celebrity spot we’ve ever had in Putney. In fact the only other we’ve ever seen was that Liz bird off The Apprentice a few years ago. Hardly life-changing.

Rumour has it Jack Whitehall has been seen around Putney way and we once reported that Pippa Middleton, Pip Mids to friends, has been around these parts too, although we’ve seen neither.

So we want to know – what’s your best celebrity spot in Putney (or the near vicinity).


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What? A chicken?!

Putney is a lovely rag-tag place of a community.

What a Chicken in Putney

What a Chicken in Putney

While on the surface it appears very much part of the South West London set, sat on the river full of expensive modern flats, beautiful old houses tucked away down side streets and a general hint of ‘rah’, there’s also a nice buzz of normality, of not taking itself too seriously.

This is in part due to the fact it has a good old-fashioned high-street buzz thanks to the numerous shops on the, well, high-street, and the Exchange, and plenty of good proper pubs and quirky local shops unique to the area.

However, even The Putney Paper, ever one for inclusiveness, was slightly perturbed by the appearance of a shop called What A Chicken on Putney Hill over the summer. While fast food outlets are no bad thing, the name of this new eatery alone is enough to turn heads, and opens itself up to various interpretations:

  1. What? A chicken?!
  2. What a chicken!
  3. What a chicken?

And so forth…Not only that but it has hideously gaudy colours and advertisers things like burgers for a pound. That can’t be good surely? Its opening, following on the heels of Poundland (more useful as it sells things you may actually want), just doesn’t seem in keeping with the area – can’t we have a nice local bakery opening in its place? Or nearby at least?

Yet, one alcoholic night we found ourselves in need of some sustenance and, lo, the welcoming signs of What a Chicken called us like a siren’s song. We were dashed on their chicken-burger and cold chips rocks. However, we must confess, it wasn’t that bad. Not sure we’d go back, and Subway probably remains the late-night takeaway of choice, but if you are in the mood for chicken, well, we ain’t gonna stop ya.

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Time and tide stay for no man

super high tides in PutneyOn St Mary’s Church at the bottom of the high-street is a small sign beneath the clock bearing the words “Time and tide stay for no man”. Certainly living in Putney the tide plays an integral role in the mood and feel of the area. It rises and falls to create vastly different impressions of the river and the areas along it. The low tides leave huge expanses of beach exposed, letting you stroll right down along the edge of the river, where as the high tides give the river much more majesty – the contrast between the two really underlines just how much water is moved up the Thames each day.

Occasionally  they reach such heights that they flood over the embankment and toe-path along the south side of the river West of Putney Bridge, catching those out not aware of the impeding flood. We saw several cars were caught out, and The Putney Paper saw plenty of runners and cyclists come to a slow, gradual halt as they peered in front of them and realised the way was blocked and alternative routes were required.

The super high tides are actually quite a common occurrence throughout the year, as this list on the excellent shows. This year they’ll be at least 50 this year. Today’s hit 7.38 meters but the highest will be on 25 July, at 04:54am, reaching 7.54 meters. A date for the diary. It’s a strange sensastion when the boats moored on the river appear higher than the road on which you’re walking.


Interestingly, the Jubilee river flotilla event took place on a day when the tide would have usually flooded the bank but given the need for normal access on that day the flood barriers were shut upstream to help keep the tides at bay.

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Putney air pollution hits 2013 limits – in January

The high street on a busy Saturday

The high street on a busy Saturday

Mostly this blog delights in celebrating the wonderful world of Putney and reviewing its fine establishments, but we couldn’t ignore the news that the area has already reached its air pollution limits just as January reaches double figures. Obviously this is not good news and according to The Evening Standard shopkeepers are being advised to keep doors closed to protect staff. That’s fine in the winter but what about the summer?

It’s certainly noticeable how busy the high-street can be, either at weekends or during the rush hour(s) in the morning or evening. A taxi once took about 20 minutes to get us down the high-street at 7am on the way to Heathrow.

According to The Standard residents such as Fernando Torres (never seen him) and Yasmin Le Bon (never seen her) have “summoned” local council chiefs to a meeting. We don’t think they have personally, but perhaps they will be there demanding 10-point plans be put in place to keep air pollution levels down.

The trouble is, what are we going to do about it? You can’t very well shut down the roads or ban buses. Road widening efforts may help, but surely it’s just about the amount of vehicles that cross the river; perhaps we need another bridge somewhere, although that seems even more unlikely.

It’s a shame Putney’s popularity in this instance is causing its own problems, but at least the issue is on the radar and being discussed…What do you think? Is it a problem, do you notice poor air quality when shopping, is there any solution? Answers below if so!

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A late night Putney stroll

With the mild weather making the start of January feel more like April The Putney Paper took a lovely evening stroll down the river and snapped some pictures as we did so. Some of our favourites are below:


The sweep of the river away to the West.


Blues lines in the water.


The old and the new, side by side.


Is that the time?


The welcoming lights of home.

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